Tyler Bereman & Patrick Evans Practice for X Games

One week before X Games, we wandered over to the lovely Chocolate Mountain Ranch for a sundown session with Tyler Bereman & Patrick Evans practicing for Best Whip and Quarter Pipe. Bereman, a multi-medal winner, has worked hard with his team to build a dialed practice setup which he generously provides to competitors and friends alike. Evans is preparing for his X Games debut as a rookie... Time to pop that cherry, Patty boy. Check out the spread below or view the FULL GALLERY from the afternoon we spent at the Ranch. 

Tyler giving the course a little clean-up as he prepares to ride. This was a 100+ degree dry summer day in El Cajon, so it included blowing the dust of the runway mats, watering the landings and some light grading.
A wise choice of tools. Moto-leggings are a comfortable, supportive and ventilated under layer of riding gear that combine compression underwear/leggings and athletic socks in one superpiece. A custom gripper seat cover keeps you from slipping off the seat, losing control, or even worse- looking uncool.
A nice crack of de whip.
Patrick Evans has a style you can't help but enjoy. His invite to X Games this year is well deserved.

Digital Images: Chaddy

Video: Nighthawk

Film Images: Cheetah

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